Why Vision? Okay sure, but why?

We all need to be a bit more like the 5-year old, who without knowing it, forces us to the essence of our reasoning, and the larger vision behind our statements. “If all you consume for dinner is cake, you will habituate actions that can lead to a lifetime of food challenges and body image issues. Now go to your room, and take a look at these studies.” Or, something like that.

It’s the “why” that drives great organizations. It’s the “why” that attracts and retains talent. It’s the “why” that gives the rest of your more tactical branding efforts deeper meaning.


The view from the canopy

Your days are filled with trees and brush and obscured views of your horizon. A Brand Vision is like climbing high into the canopy of a great jungle and seeing the vast vista of what can be. Rightly so, our day-to-day focus is cluttered with day-to-day duties. We understand the effort required to chop through the next 20 feet of entanglements and obligations. But we also contend that the chopping is so much more inspired and fulfilling when you know why.


Mission vs Vision

Mission: Win the war.

Vision: Create peace and freedom.

A war has an end date, a surrender, and a laying down of arms.

Peace and freedom are ongoing, and forever in need of nurturing.


Mission: Sell the best Whachamahoozit*.

Vision: Empower human interaction.

The best Whachamahoozit in and of itself is simply hardware.

Human interaction is a moving, expanding and grand target.


Mission is a box that can be confidently checked, while Vision is an infinite and inspired chase.

*Patent Pending 🙂


See for yourself

Our clients often come to us not knowing what they really want to be, or that a Brand Vision is of any consequence. But as we dig into their whats, hows, whos, and a potential lack of a why, it soon becomes apparent that a North Star is missing. A well-defined vision brings clarity to all decisions and directions. There’s a larger meaning that motivates beyond the next quarter, and beyond the easily quantified.

We don’t claim to create your Vision; but we do claim to help you find it, see it and articulate it. In early stages with clients, stressing the need for a Vision is a hurdle of varied heights. Some clients need to be sold, while others quickly realize that this is the vital component missing from the organization’s DNA (we don’t love “DNA,” but it works too well here).


We see you

At Sussner, we certainly recognize the struggle to put down the calendar and think with aspirational eyes. 20+ years ago our Vision was to stay in business for one year—which at the time was a very Mission-driven goal, rather than a Vision—it was as far as we could see. Sometime after that year or two or three, the 5-year old within us kicked in, and we asked “Why?”

Give your people an undeniable answer to the question: “Where do you see this company in 10 years?” Provide your customers with an unwavering reason to see you as an organization with higher aspirations and a true, clear Vision.


Envision more,
Team Sussner


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