Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brand?

An organization, product, or service and its perception in the minds of others. “Branding” is the act of creating the elements that shift this perception.

What do you mean "Brand Story?"

A brand story is the foundation of marketing, culture, and strategy. It provides employees and customers with an understanding of the organization’s functions, values, beliefs, and direction.

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What is Positioning?

The act of articulating what a brand does, who a brand does it for, and how that is different from anyone else. This helps reduce the number of competitors.

What's the difference between Branding and Marketing?

Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products or services. A subset of Marketing is Branding. Branding focuses on altering or crafting the perception of how people think and feel to make promoting and selling products easier.

What is Foundational Branding?

The core elements that articulate the why, where, what, who, and how of an organization. It’s a brand’s purpose, position, vision, mission, and values. These elements set the base for the culture and perception.

What are Guiding Principles?

Guiding Principles are an organization’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Core Values. They unite organizations and provide short and long term direction.

What’s the Difference Between Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements?

A Purpose is why an organization exists. A Vision statement is what an organization aspires to create. A Mission statement is what an organization has to do to reach its Vision.

What is Verbal Branding?

The words and messages that articulate a brand in a clear and memorable way, and can include a brand’s name, personality, voice, story, elevator pitch and tagline.

What is Visual Branding?

The colors, logo, photography, patterns, images, symbols and images that communicate a brand’s value and personality, differentiate, and capture the attention of audiences.

What is Tactical Branding?

The variety of ways a brand engages with their target market. Tactics capture the attention of an audience and promote a brand, its products and its services.

What are the Steps in the Branding Process?

It starts with discovery: Understand the strengths, weaknesses, objectives, obstacles, and opportunities for the current brand.

Next, we strategize: Uncover the core of the brand and develop a strategy to reach objectives of the future.

After, we align: Determine which current assets help position the brand properly and which ones don’t.

Then, we create: Build the verbal and visual assets that support the brand’s strategy for becoming a robust asset.

Finally, we amplify: Use brand assets to assemble all of the pieces that help this brand properly roll out and come to life.

20+ years in branding comes with a POV.

Branding can be confusing. What is a brand? How does it help me get the most out of my company? Why does everyone seem to build brands now? What’s the big deal?

We’ve taken the branding journey ourselves and lived to tell the tale. These are our insights.