Intentional Branding

Working with the future in mind.

The primary goal of our branding work is to help business leaders seize market opportunities. Lifting businesses above the noise and beyond the ordinary is what get us out the door on a -8° Minnesota morning.

We help growth-minded businesses develop their brand to be impactful and distinct in the eyes of external (aka, customers) and internal (aka, employees) audiences.

The keys to relevance, intelligence and excellence.

Transforming a brand is not like painting the facade or changing your shirt (although, we recommend both). To become meaningful, memorable and competitive, an organization needs to excel in all four core branding components:

Founda- tional Branding

Meaning and emotion are powerful competitive advantages.

The core elements that articulate the why, where, what, and how of an organization make up a brand’s purpose, position, vision, mission, and values.

When crafted intentionally, your brand radiates clarity, unifies teams, builds culture, establishes actionable values, strengthens decision making, and defines where you stand.

Verbal Branding

Overcome deafening noise with distinct clarity.

Are you speaking your truth. Are your words talking and walking your reality? Your voice articulates the brand in a clear and memorable way. It manifests in a brand’s name, personality, tone, story, and tagline.

Marketing requires clarity around why people need your products, and/or how these services solve problems. Those messages need to come across in your own distinctive, unlike-the-crowd voice. We use personality, authenticity and attitude to tell your most engaging story.

Visual Branding

Stand up, stand apart and stand out.

When most people think about visual branding, they think of a brand’s logo. Ah, but it’s much more – first it’s a logo created with deep brand exploration behind it. In addition, visual branding is color, photography, patterns, textures, and badges.

The perception of your organization is determined instantly by its imagery. It must communicate value, personality, and differentiation. This visual language grabs attention and delights audiences.

Tactical Branding

The precise moves and moments that propel you forward.

Marketing a product or service involves building awareness and crafting promotion around your solution. These are the physical and digital environments you create to tell your unique story.

Utilizing your brand’s foundational, verbal, and visual assets, create a meaningful experience for each individual. The focus is on showcasing your business, your products and your services. Precision persuasion.

20+ years in branding comes with a POV.

Branding can be confusing. What is a brand? How does it help me get the most out of my company? Why does everyone seem to build brands now? What’s the big deal?

We’ve answered these questions and more on our Frequently Ask Questions page. For anyone and everyone who wants to know our stance on branding. We’ve taken the branding journey that we’re asking you to take. Yes, we’ve operated on ourselves and lived to tell the tale.

It’s worth it.