Flags Flown Higher

We help our clients plant, raise and rally around their flag.

We give them renewed purpose and pride as they unfurl their banner and hoist it up the metaphoric flagpole. We collaborate with challenger-minded organizations to make their meaningful, high-flying mark on the world.

Meet the Team

Derek Sussner

Founder / Creative

For a business to grow, its brand needs to communicate, stand out and be engaging. Derek leads the creative team in achieving meaningful business objectives with impactful creative solutions for clients.

Tessa Sussner

Partner / Accounts

A client’s business objectives have to be clearly understood for branding initiatives to be effective. Tessa is the first point of contact and is dedicated to delivering responsive and thoughtful solutions that make every project successful.

Blake Spiegel


For a brand to be effective in realizing its business goals, it needs to reflect what the brand stands for and be attractive to its audience. Blake’s hands-on approach and dedication to details build meaningful creative that rises above the noise.

Tucker Larson


A brand that is rooted in purpose, meaning, and emotion creates competitive separation in the crowded market. Tucker ​​ensures the development and execution of the right strategy that results in incredible brand clarity and achievement of long-term business goals.

Robin Faust


Clients deserve timely communication regarding all financial aspects of their projects. Robin assures that clients are up-to-date on all manners of their bookkeeping experience with Sussner.


Good Girl

This four-legged charmer adds the meaningful and memorable to Sussner, and puts the gold in golden retriever. Ms. Ivy also serves as V.P. in charge of tennis ball procurement, in-house therapy and gentle security. Our favorite “silent” partner.

Create a Meaningful Connection

Meaningful strategy must be paired with compelling design

Since 1999, Sussner has won over 300 awards and has been featured in more than 40 international publications. When we create something that wins an award, we smile, shake hands, say “good game” and get back to work for our amazing clients. We sincerely thank all the companies, organizations, and individuals who have handed us the honor of working with them over the previous decades.

22 years
300+ awards