At Sussner we help private clubs rethink their brand to win the hearts and minds of their members.

Expectations Are Rising

In the modern age of golf clubs, members expect more than quality amenities and competitive pricing — they want a connection between their unique needs, interests, style, and the brand.

Crafted With Intention

Our branding approach digs into the history, emotion, vision, and culture that makes your club one-of-a-kind. Just like leaving a dining room, parking lot, or practice facility untouched for decades, a club’s brand can become dated and in need of repair or replacement.

We’ve Done Our Research

At Sussner, we developed a survey to further understand the perceptions of private club members. From this information, we uncovered 4 key findings:

Key Finding #1 — What do Promoters want?

The majority of members are Promoters of their club… branding is very important to them.

A club’s most valuable asset is its enthusiastic membership base. This research underscores that the majority of members are enthusiastic promoters of their clubs. These promoters see their club not just as a place to golf, but as a part of their identity that they are proud to share.

Key Finding #2 — Your Website

Websites are key for recruiting the next generation of members.

In the digital age, a club’s website is often the first point of contact for younger potential members. Our findings emphasize the critical role of a website in attracting the next generation of members.

Key Finding #3 — Younger vs Older Members

Branding influences young members; whereas fees influence older members. 

Generational nuances play a significant role in member behavior and decision-making. Our research underscores that for younger members, brand plays a pivotal role in their club choice. They are attracted to clubs with vibrant, modern brands that resonate with their lifestyles and values.

Key Finding #4 — It's time to be different

The private golf club space has significant room for visual differentiation.

Traditional golf clubs have long been characterized by their adherence to certain aesthetics and design elements. However, our research reveals that modern private golf clubs have an opportunity to differentiate themselves visually.

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Be a Visionary

Brands can be a complicated, emotional, and subjective piece of a club’s experience. Let’s raise your flag so the next generation of golfers see your brand as an invitation to rally around.

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