A Fresh Take on Floridian Golf

With so many golf clubs in Florida, it’s easy to think they’re all the same. We helped evolve the brand of a club with a deep passion for the game of golf into one that champions its surroundings, creating a vibrant, truly one-of-a-kind identity.

Modernizing For Members

Coinciding with a major renovation to its golf course, Lemon Bay Golf Club needed to modernize its brand to showcase its investment in the club and reflect the value being created for its members. We started with their logo. While members are incredibly proud of the club’s Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certification, they felt that their current logo of a single eagle did not adequately represent the club’s story. By designing the new “lemon tree” logo as an authentic icon for this membership, we crafted their brand image into one of celebration, warmth, and camaraderie—a brand that’s welcoming, cheerful, and deeply inspired by the wildlife that surrounds them.

At Lemon Bay, golf is the driver of lasting relationships and an outlet for a community to rally around. This club is more than a piece of beautiful land, it is an unmatched preserve for the game of golf, wildlife, and human connection.

Visualizing Natural Abundance

The club’s new look focuses on the natural elements found on the property. Taking inspiration from its southwestern Gulf Coast location, the visual brand is a bright, vibrant system that provides members and prospects with a sense of place and peace.

Celebrating Wildlife Every Season

To delight members in new ways year after year, we created custom-designed marks that showcase individual pieces of their wildlife. While providing members something to look forward to each season, these logos are built to tell the unique wildlife-focused culture at the club.

Merchandise Sales Increased 75% in the first year of the new brand

Hear from the Club

The members knew it was time for a brand update but did not want to lose the spirit of the brand. The new logo that was created truly represents that spirit – our connection between people, nature, and golf.

Tom O’Shane, President

The commitment the Sussner team showed for this project from start to finish was truly remarkable, and the results speak for themselves – our merchandise sales increased approximately 75% over the prior year. I can’t speak highly enough about the results and the process.

Damon Williams, CCM, General Manager

Lemon Bay Golf Club’s new logo and brand story have enhanced the members’ experience both on and off the golf course. It has created such a professional and consistent level of communication. The membership has been thrilled!

Ryan Hartnett, Head Golf Pro