Branding a Membership

The Challenge

Lemon Bay is a private club in Florida about to undertake significant golf course renovations. Club leadership recognized that the brand needs to be modernized to coincide with the renovations, to help them tell their unique story of golf, wildlife, and human connection, and support a club looking ahead to the next generation.

The Solution

A new brand story and system of visuals convey Lemon Bay’s spirit and culture. It reflects the club’s mission pillars: the love of golf, congeniality, community, and commitment to supporting wildlife.

A Member Only-Monogram

In addition to a new primary logo for the club, a new member-only monogram design recognizes and celebrates what long-standing members cherish while on the course — the birds of their Audubon Sanctuary.

Love People, Love Golf

With an overwhelming response to the new creative, the club decided to roll out the new branding immediately rather than wait a year until the course renovations are complete. And at the event unveiling the new branding to a packed house of members, the logo’d merchandise in the pro shop nearly sold out – a positive indicator of what’s to come!