Branding where Ancient Meets Modern

The Challenge

A market is emerging: people with the patience and concentration of yogis and a gym-rats desire to achieve bodily perfection. Fitness expert Shanti Rainey created a revolutionary product and approach to full-body conditioning to serve this audience. At the system’s core is a fitness program that leverages an unstable workout surface. This new philosophy and products needed a brand to tell its story.

The Solution

The name for the brand became ZeSa, which means “balance,” supporting the foundation of deriving strength from training in unstable environments. Following that cue, a logo and comprehensive brand identity system was created to be strong but flexible and applied to products, training programming, marketing materials, and the fitness studio environment.


The Sussner team helped me crystallize and bring my ideas to life. People are amazed and caught off guard by the beauty and thoughtfulness of ZeSa, from the branding and product design to the studio space and everywhere in between.

— Shanti Rainey, Creator of ZeSa Fitness

Balance is Strength,
Strength is Balance


Over a decade after launching, the ZeSa Fitness studio continues to be a thriving environment with programs and classes where wellness, strength and cardio workouts incorporate the ZeSa products to challenge everyone from beginners to fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes. ZeSa continues to evolve its innovative programs, working to help people improve their quality of life.