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Build These 5 Things to Grow Your Business

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Management Consulting


Branding, Website, Environmental Graphics & Signage, Print Collateral


ThreeBridge offers top-tier consulting to Fortune 500 companies. They came to us for rebranding after the success we achieved together with their junior consulting division, Boom Lab. The previous ThreeBridge logo featured a literal bridge with dated colors and typography. They asked that we create an identity that better supported the sophistication and ingenuity ThreeBridge had come to offer. Additionally, we were to think of ThreeBridge as the parent in an expandable system of sub-brands. From one side to the other, SDCo took ThreeBridge to a refreshed and revitalized place.


LOGO REDESIGN: The bridge icon was replaced with three lines in motion, ricocheting and sure in their trajectory. The hexagonal shape is a tie to the Boom Lab logo (their junior consulting division).


The web experience saw a major upgrade, moving to a responsive format with more spacious, minimal layouts. Each of the company’s major Solutions now has a dedicated page, with animated, editable graphs to illustrate the metrics of ThreeBridge’s success. Job postings are now integrated and easily updatable, to ensure that positions are posted in a snap.


We’ve been working with Sussner for seven years across two brands and dozens of projects, and they’ve delivered every time. You can see in their finished product that they care about and understand our business, which is why we’ll be working together for another seven years.

Charlie Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer


Every ThreeBridge project is approached a little differently, with a solution that’s tailored to deliver the most effective results. Hey, that’s our strategy too! That attention to detail and thoughtfulness informed a list of words that set the tone for the brand. Words like “crafted” and “aware” mixed with words like “relatable” and “genuine” to form a deeper understanding of what the name ThreeBridge was to represent. We envisioned things like hand-built, leather briefcases, smart but sensible dress shoes, bright and open floor plans and a freshly grilled salmon sammy for lunch.


Our approach with ThreeBridge was to infuse their desire for minimalism with just the right, important details. Crafted but never gaudy or overly designed. Items like the business card show off this approach, with letterpress and embossed elements, combined with sandwiched paper and a corner cut to 30º (to match the geometry of the hexagonal logo).


One of the words ThreeBridge use to describe their clients is “blue chip.” This was a definite part of the ThreeBridge culture and it guided our design efforts. Their consultants rub elbows with the top brass in major companies and the visual system now supports that position. ThreeBridge’s white collar environment has provided opportunities to produce some fun promotional materials with that audience in mind. Shown here is a golf ball marker (a literal “blue chip”) for meetings on the links.


Boom Lab is the Junior Division of ThreeBridge, investing their expertise primarily in bright consultants just emerging from college. Eager to train, learn and deliver high-impact results. The brand identity was created to appeal to a younger audience of ambitious graduates.

WELCOME GIFT: To welcome new consultants to the team, each employee receives a screen-printed box with a pint glass and introductory package.

ADDITIONAL PINT GLASSES: The employee pint glasses are redesigned annually, making them a sought-after piece of glassware.

PACKAGING: The employee pint glasses are redesigned annually, making them a sought-after piece of glassware.


Through strong graphics, bright colors and a positive outlook, Boom Lab needed to attract, enhance and promote the young consultants in their target audience. Consulting is a mindset that favors questions over answers, drives results, supports change, and always puts the client first. At Boom Lab, a division of ThreeBridge Solutions, we build and support the careers of high-performing consulting professionals