Derek Sussner

“Derek is an engaging and relatable speaker, and he makes the subject of branding accessible with content that resonates, inspires, and motivates the audience.”

Steve Quello, Owner CEO Nexus

Uncover game-changing insights to elevate your brand, distinguishing it as a unique and unforgettable force in its marketplace.

Derek Sussner is a creative director and podcast host with over 25 years in the branding game. From keynotes to webinars, Derek speaks on topics that will give your organization the understanding and the inspiration to leverage your brand to maximize its potential.

Organizations, Events, and Associations where Derek has presented include:

  • CMAA New England – “Altering Brand Perceptions Authentically”
  • CMAA Communications – “Living Your Club’s Brand”
  • CEO Nexus – “Your Journey, Your Story, Your Brand”
  • Twin Cities SEGC – “Marketing That Matters”
  • Discovered Series – “Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand”
  • IT Leadership Forum – “Is Your Brand Getting Lost in the Crowd?”
  • Club E – “Let’s Get Your Messaging Right”
  • Business Owner Seminar – “How to Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out”

For a better understanding of Derek’s perspective on the value of your brand, check out Sussner’s podcast — Brands Made Meaningful.

Brands Made Meaningful

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“I’ve watched Derek share how he helps clients stand out from the crowd…and the results (ROI) are very, very real.”

Kurt Theriault, President, Allied Executives