StoneRidge Golf Club

Polishing A Hidden Golf Gem

Not all golf clubs are made for the masses—nor should they be. We helped StoneRidge Golf Club stand out in a crowded market by telling a story that hits home for the avid player. A story that invites the determined golfer to challenge their skills and expectations.


From Farm Friendly to Quarry Tough

After 25 years, StoneRidge Golf Club shifted its semi-private brand to be a challenger. We shifted their brand’s identity which was previously represented by a barn found on the course. Instead, we leveraged the history of the property which was built on an old sand and rock quarry, to tell a story of golf experiences unlike any other.

We reimagined StoneRidge into a symbol of strength and challenge by crafting a unique Tee-Hammer logo to represent this history. It is rugged and strong, and serves as a reflection of the foundational rock quarry of StoneRidge. The brand now serves as an invitation to the challenging style of golf found here.

An Identity Carved from Stone

The club’s new look focuses on the rugged and athletic nature of its landscape and membership—taking inspiration from the property, club traditions and culture while leaning into a unique visual style that sets them apart from all other clubs in their region.

Challenging Skills and Exceeding Industry Expectations

At StoneRidge, challenge is the centerpiece that keeps the club driving forward. From creative golf shot selections to pre and post-round hospitality, this club wants to elevate the standards for golf.

A special thank you to Matthew and Nathan from Parka Studios for shooting this photography and video.

Taking the Bull by the Horns

To honor the members who lovingly refer to StoneRidge as The Rock Pile, we created a special, custom-designed logo for The Ridgataional. It’s a signature annual member tournament in which the superintendent sets up the course to present the toughest test of the year.

Reimagining The Local Watering Hole

As a key element of the player experience, a refresh would not be complete without focusing on the on-property restaurant. As a favorite to locals and once-a-year visitors, Danny’s now consistently supports the club’s story.