Sprocket CX

Transforming Insights Into Actions

The Challenge

In a transformative branding initiative, Sussner collaborated with Sprocket, a consumer insights firm, to strategically reposition its brand to serve the professional sports industry. Recognizing the need and untapped potential in this sports sector, we guided Sprocket in refining its brand positioning to resonate with the industry’s specific challenges and needs.


The Logo

Sprocket has a hands-on process that unravels consumer insights to inspire their client’s marketing efforts. The new identity stands for finding clarity in the mess of data and messages, symbolic of Sprocket’s emphasis on the psychological side of data analytics in the business side of the sports industry.


The brand’s repositioning involved a comprehensive overhaul of Sprocket’s visual and verbal identity, aiming to capture the vibrancy and passion of the professional sports world while emphasizing the intricate and human-centered nature of their insight work.


Tailored brand messaging and visual identity system designs worked harmoniously to create an image for the Sprocket brand that aligns with the spirit of the professional sports industry while resonating with their business-oriented audience.


By embracing an approach that empowers its audience, Sprocket emerges as a charismatic and relatable player in data science. This strategic rebranding not only meets but exceeds the objectives, allowing Sprocket to uniquely position itself as the go-to choice for consumer insight work within the business of the professional sports industry.