The Club at Golden Valley

Historic Club, Fresh Perspective

Historic private clubs have a perception as playgrounds for the elite and the unapproachable. We helped turn a club with over a century of rich history and a unique culture of self-made success into champions of an approachable club lifestyle. One that is welcoming and charismatic.


After 100+ Years, It Was Time for Change

We started with their name, transitioning from “Golden Valley Country Club” to “The Club at Golden Valley” to be more authentic to this membership. Their logo resembled most other 100-year old club logos, so we redesigned it with the goal of bringing people together. The sound of the Rally Horn symbolizes celebration, community, and approachability.

Their logo is now simplified, elevated, and inspired by member traditions and The Club’s vision for its future.

More High-Fives Than Golf Claps

Through strategic data research and analysis, we learned that an overwhelming percentage of Golden Valley members didn’t resonate with a typical Country Club, so the club evolved its brand from being “Traditional and Relaxed” to one that’s “Loud and Proud”.

This Club Is Now a Place to Play

At The Club, members want to live a “Life Well Played”. It isn’t about the lowest score – it’s about experiencing a greater level of joy and community, and recognizing that time here is time well spent.

A Visual Identity Built by the Culture

The Club’s new brand look focuses on the charismatic and approachable nature of members and culture — taking inspiration from their stories, traditions and legends while leaning into a unique visual style that supports The Club’s vision for their next generation.

Celebrating The Club’s Tournaments

To delight members, expand the visual identity, and increase merchandising opportunities, we created custom-designed marks for every tournament throughout the year. While differentiating the event logos within The Club’s new brand ecosystem, these branded logos are built to tell the unique story of each event.

Refreshing Every Corner of the Club

The new Golden Valley brand is expanding and integrating into all the areas members experience everyday. From restaurant menus to interior and exterior signage, to prospective member print and digital materials, to social media and The Club’s website. We turned a full rebrand into an opportunity for people to experience the brand in every corner of the club.

When we started rebranding Golden Valley Country Club, I had yet to learn where the process would take us. Sussner has delivered every step of the way, and the results have been truly amazing. The team at Sussner has met every deadline, and the team's talent surpassed my expectations.

Don Kovacovich, General Manager