Staying On Course — What We Aim to Learn

With help from our partner — Sprocket, Sussner published a study that encapsulates survey results that help us better understand private club members. This research was done with several key objectives:

  • To understand members’ desired balance between tradition and innovation.
  • To discover the levers that impact member behavior, perceptions, and preferences that shape their club’s decisions.
  • To reveal the hidden threads that tie member satisfaction to a brand’s meaning.
  • To present insights that empower club leaders to rejuvenate their offerings, embracing change without forsaking heritage.

Be a Visionary

Brands can be a complicated, emotional, and subjective piece of a club’s experience. Let’s raise your flag so the next generation of golfers see your brand as an invitation to rally around.

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Crafting Clarity — Our Method

Sussner collaborated with Sprocket CX to conduct a quantitative survey encompassing 328 members from various private golf clubs across the United States.

Sprocket delivers actionable consumer insights that change the game for private clubs. Their team blends psychological expertise and actionable data science to help clubs find answers to any question. Learn more: www.sprocketcx.com

Volume 2 of this survey will be available in the Spring of 2024.