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10 Questions to Kick Off Refining Your Brand

We use the 10 questions in this worksheet at the start of every branding project. Whether you're building, refreshing or simply refining your brand, these questions set the foundation for the process and help guide the creative to its full potential. Use this worksheet as a tool to inform your internal team, your agency or design firm partner, or to gain a deeper understanding of your brand's landscape.

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Build These 5 Things to Grow Your Business

If you need to attract more leads and close more sales, then you need a sales funnel. A sales funnel is another way of saying marketing plan, and it works regardless of the type or size of your business, or what you sell. This strategy will engage customers, capture their attention, and compel them to buy. Download the Marketing Checklist and get started growing your business today.

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Office Graphics & Branding


Get Your House in Order


Reason to Refresh #7 – Enhance Your Space


Telling your brand's story is communicated in more ways than messaging. You can convey your brand in your office or retail space by energizing the experience of being within your physical areas. Do you have an office that employees are excited about working in - where you are proud to host clients and business partners? Making the physical spaces that engage your employees and visitors special and surrounding people with just the right amount of brand messaging and inspiration keeps the engagement fresh, relevant, and exciting. From art installations to walls that honor where you've been and celebrate where you are going, don't overlook the spaces where people experience your brand.


Does your space leave a positive and lasting impression?

Some companies have public-facing, retail-like interactions with their customers. For some businesses, your corporate office is the space you call home. Considering that you host employees, clients, and visitors – your office – and even employee break room – are all part of your brand. Make these spaces engaging, fresh, relevant, and exciting with branded graphics and signage.

Why do you need office graphics and branding?

Take a look around – are you creating experiences that connect people to your places? Whether you’ve recently gone through renovations, celebrated 50 years in business, are trying to recruit top talent, or simply want to revamp  – office graphics and branding is a sure-fire way to breathe new energy into your space.

The SDCo team flexed their creative versatility, and delivered a modern, cohesive look and feel throughout our new California HQ, impressing visitors and employees alike!

Mary Horwath, Former VP of Marketing, United Sports Brands

three bridge entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: Three Bridge's corporate office entry, reception, huddle rooms, and visitor waiting areas.

three bridge vinyl closeup

Entrances & Lobbies: Detail: The Three Bridge logo applied to glass in frosted vinyl.

TASC Entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: TASC entrance and sign-in reception desk.

TASC Dimensional sign

Entrances & Lobbies: Detail: Dimensional and vibrant TASC lobby desk logo.

TASC Wall closeup

Entrances & Lobbies: Detail: Branded dimensional wall in TASC's reception area.

regis entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: Regis's modernized in a chrome logo reflective of their mirror decor.

regis lobby

Entrances & Lobbies: Regis's lobby and seating area include a welcoming live wall.

regis dimensional wall closeup

Entrances & Lobbies: Detail: Regis's lobby wall featuring multi-dimensional logos of their consumer brands.

united sports brands entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: United Sports Brands front door entrance with multi-layered vinyl applied to glass.

zesa entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: Zesa Fitness's stunning gold and blue branded entrance with graphics applied to add privacy.

dairy products entrance

Entrances & Lobbies: Dairy Product Inc.'s corporate entry wall and custom barn-wood break-room doors.

AT&T Group Area

Group Spaces: AT&T Tower's minimal wayfinding directing to the main level group areas.

Is Your House in Order?

If your space isn’t inviting, inspiring, or expressive of your brand, then a thoughtful branded execution can bring it back to life. Transforming your space doesn’t need to be overwhelming – sometimes a little TLC can go a very long way to give your space the refresh that it needs. We’ve had the pleasure of working within all kinds of spaces, from warehouses and sports arenas to corporate offices and government facilities. While all of these environments and their brands vary, they all benefited from the impact of applying their brand to the spaces in their environments.

regis board room

Board Rooms: Regis Corporation's board room includes a 'wow' factor with an art installation built of scissors.

regis board room scissor wall

Board Rooms: Detail: A close-up view of dozens of real scissors carefully placed and spaced.

Regis collaboration area

Collaboration Areas: Frosted and cut vinyl adds just the right amount of privacy in Regis' collaboration spaces.

united sports brands board room

Board Rooms: Passionate brand and mission-based messaging decorate United Sports Brands' board room.

Dairy Products Inc board room

Board Rooms: Dairy Product Inc's board room graphics balance form and function, playfully and professionally.

dairy products in board room glass vinyl

Board Rooms: Detail: Close-up of the frosted vinyl that adds a layer of semi-privacy.

cresa board room wall

Board Rooms: Cresa's conference room statement wall is covered in a textural map of the area they serve.

Tasc collaboration area

Collaboration Areas: TASC's inspiring and modern space is design for collaboration and inspiration.

Macalaster team room

Collaboration Areas: Macalester College Athletics team room is a sure-fire space to inspire and pump up the team.

The positive response from our friends in the industry and our staff has been simply overwhelming!

Mark Welch, President Dairy Products Inc.

Crashlines / Privacy: Cut vinyl in gold and subtle pattern creates a sophisticated ambiance.

Crashlines / Privacy: Graphic covered security swinging turnstiles for easy recognition.

Regis dimensional backlit logo sign

Dimensional: A thick chrome-painted back-lit metal sign with embossed lettering is a showstopping welcome.

Closeup Regis Backlit Chrome Logo

Dimensional: LED lighted side letters create an elegant and modern contrast between the metal and logo.

Regis dimensional lettering

Dimensional: Tone-on-tone dimensional white acrylic on a 1" substrate attached to a timeline wall equals elegance.

Regis dimensional lettering

Dimensional: Multiple levels and multiple colors establish hierarchy and create a full-on textural brand wall.

Regis updatable modular wall

Updatable: 1" thick direct-printed metal provides a flexible, interchangeable, updatable signage solution.

Regis updatable metal signage

Updatable: Brushed metal attached to the wall corners with magnets makes updating signs easy.

Regis crash line frosted vinyl

Crashlines / Privacy: Printed and low opacity vinyl showcases glass while adding supportive brand elements.

Regis crash line frosted vinyl closeup

Crashlines / Privacy: Detail: Close-up of the finely cut detailed frosted vinyl on glass.

Regis privacy frosted vinyl

Crashlines / Privacy: Cut frosted vinyl separates team meeting areas while staying open and collaborative.

InVision Dimensional Logo

Dimensional: Simple brushed metal letters attached flush to the wall adds a sophisticated dimensional decor piece.

zesa dimensional backlit logo sign

Dimensional: Back-lighted debossed outdoor signage with a dimensional add on creates a multi-level brand statement.

Dairy Products Inc dimensional barn wood logo

Dimensional: Hand-made barn wood letters create a custom 1" thick dimensional logo.

Target Commercial interiors dimensional timeline wall

Dimensional: Printed acrylic substrate panels attached to a wall with dimensional slide in's build a timeline wall.

united sports brand dimensional wood logo

Dimensional: A multi-dimensional custom logo wrapped in a wood-textured substrate creates impact - efficiently.

AT&T Pinned Out Sign

Dimensional: Painted metal logo pinned out from the wall surface creates shadows and dimension from a distance.

AT&T Tower crashline entrance vinyl

Crashlines / Privacy: Cut frosted vinyl create an elegant crashline to glass walls and doors.

Tasc dimensional lettering and logo

Dimensional: The mixture of tone-on-tone with vibrant colored acrylic in multi-dimensions is a modern look.

Tasc privacy vinyl

Crashlines / Privacy: Printed and cut frosted vinyl provide full or semi-privacy depending on space requirements.

TCI privacy vinyl area

Crashlines / Privacy: Flooded vinyl with minimal opacity creates a sense of place while avoiding distractions.

Types of Materials

Signs can be executed in an endless manner and are entirely based on your objectives, your budget, and your space. We have experience making incredible transformations with a limited budget, and impactful, never-been-done custom brand installations. From reclaimed barn wood, acrylic, vinyl, printed metal, and fabric, we utilize the architecture, space, and your goals to efficiently and successfully brand the space to express the culture and personality of your business. The environment is an extension of you and yours.

AT&T Tower wayfinding signage

Wayfinding: Black dimensional acrylic is a modern and clean aesthetic.

AT&T Tower wayfinding signage closeup

Wayfinding: Wayfinding signs flush-mounted and lighted for dramatic shadows.

AT&T Wayfinding

Wayfinding: Flush mounted brushed metal and black acrylic is wayfinding in the simplest form.

Wayfinding: Custom design and produced wayfinding for Capella Tower.

capella tower elevator signage

Wayfinding: Brushed metal and a thick substrate with simplified messaging for the elevator areas.

Automobile Wayfinding: Easily recognizable for level recognition in dark areas.

United Sports Brands Wayfinding

Wayfinding: Custom acrylic brand 'flags' make it easy to be found while making a big impact.

Rockler Wayfinding Hanging signage

Wayfinding: Retail hanging signage with easily updatable plaques is functional and fantastic.

Tasc wayfinding signage in elevator lobby

Wayfinding: Minimal supportive graphic elements in vinyl add branded layers to wayfinding.

Tasc wayfinding signage in lobby

Wayfinding: Slats attached to a wired base create easy to update signs in a contemporary look.

Tasc projected light signage

Wayfinding: Elegant logo and arrows projected in light add branded flair.

Tasc wayfinding hanging signage

Wayfinding: Hanging multi-dimensional wayfinding signage directs people to the right place.

Tasc wayfinding vinyl and signage

Wayfinding: Printed vinyl conference room window wraps create wayfinding and provide privacy.

Wayfinding: Notable entrance to help with navigation in the skyway.

Automobile Wayfinding: Brightly branded graphics to help reflect your parking level.

Automobile Wayfinding: Easily visible signage helps customers park near their necessary entrance.

The Sussner Team guided us through the entire process and made a daunting task feel easy, fresh, and fun.

Renee Pinkney, AT&T Tower

regis group area

Group Spaces: Regis Corp's group space features a large-scale wall that celebrates Regis's rich history.

regis group space closeup

Group Spaces: Detail: Closeup of the timeline wall in Regis's employee area.

tasc group area

Kitchen Area: The sophisticated kitchen and stand-up meeting area at TASC.

tasc group area closeup of vinyl

Kitchen Area: Detail: Closeup of the branded graphics applied throughout TASC's kitchen area.

Macalaster College Stadium

Stadium: Macalester College Athletics stadium celebrates their championship status.

Macalaster College stadium wall closeup

Stadium: Detail: Adhering vinyl to brick is one of the ways to display school spirit.

Macalaster College stadium metal wall closeup

Stadium: Detail: Stats direct-printed on large pieces of metal share MAC's accomplishments with fans.

United Sports Brands stairwell

Stairwell: United Sports Brand's larger than life stairwell assures their mission can't be missed.

United Sports Brands lunch room

Break Room: United Sports Brand's walls decorated fun and playful branded lunchroom graphics.

United Sports Brands warehouse

Warehouse: United Sports Brands is always cheering loudly for the team in the warehouse.

Rooted in Process

We have a proven process that has successfully helped our clients achieve their branding goals since 1999. We’ll kick off the project by discussing your needs, wants, objectives, and budget. We’ll proceed with a walk-through to help assess the space and its opportunities. We will address the identified areas and your needs, we’ll propose solutions based on our findings. Then comes the fun as we create, produce, and install. From start to finish, we’re happy to do the heavy lifting for you and your team, bringing your spaces to life.

We couldn’t be happier with the visual and financial results of our new stores! We are very proud of the work and the results have been outstanding.

Mike Dugan, Rockler Woodworking

Do you need help transforming your space?

With 20+ years of experience bringing business brands to life, we can help you energize your space into something truly inspiring. Let’s talk about the goals for your environment, and how we can help you achieve them. Let us put our tools, skills, experience, and know-how to work for you on spaces your business calls home.

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