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We believe there are far more Reasons To Refresh your brand identity than reasons not to rebrand. Keeping your brand alert, alive, and ahead is always a good idea. When that good idea crosses paths with one of our core Reasons to Refresh…it’s go time. Call now and let us refresh your brand identity, and help you realize your goals.



aka, More money

They say, “follow the money, it’s always the money.” True enough, but “always the money” takes on many manifestations and forms. It can be as clear-cut as ringing the register with more sales, closing bigger deals, or implementing a new growth strategy. “Always the money” can present itself more subtly as reducing vacancies, replacing a lost customer, positioning for the sale of your company, or non-profit fund raising initiatives. We know the bottom line is always top-of-mind. It fuels your operation and is one of the most quantifiable Reasons To Refresh.

Boost. Accelerate. Enhance.

The reason + the result McDavid



Make it clear you’re the guide in your customer's story

Is your brand in a box that someone else labeled, “Boring” or “Overpriced” or “Unnecessary” or even “Who cares?” Brand awareness is critical, but you want the world to be aware of your brand as you define it. Telling your story with active purpose eliminates confusion, streamlines the conversation and attracts the right (and more) customers. You create the hierarchy of messaging, you write the story with the chapters in the order you chose and you present the authentic reality of your brand. Take charge of your brand box and label it boldly, “Reasons To Refresh.”

Clarify. Connect. Invite.

Highly reasonable example ThreeBridge



Outsmart ‘em & win

“Crush” may seem a bit harsh, but we mean it in the most positive, ethical and absolutely dominating way. Putting clearly defined space between you and your competitors is what a smart brand redesign can do. Look better, sound better and intrinsically feel better than the rest of the mangy pack. Whether you’re trying to level the playing field, tip the field in your favor, compete on a bigger field, or simply, reign supreme over the game, consider Reasons To Refresh.

Compete. Outmaneuver. Win.

Making the case to refresh Capella Tower



The new you, the improved you

Something has happened—an event, anniversary, breakthrough, name change, product launch, merger, or a Phoenix-like rise from the fires of near disaster—something evolutionary and/or revolutionary. These are the moments that you can build on, ramp up and shout out. These are natural reasons to thump your chest (in the right way) and toot your well-rehearsed horn for a ready-to-listen audience. Add some intelligently devised showing off to your list of Reasons To Refresh.

Launch. Evolve. Celebrate.

The plan executed Premier Pontoons



Always be in the mix

Like a party guest making 1970’s cultural references to a room full of puzzled Millennials—you don’t want your brand to be that guy. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks at hand and not notice that your brand has lost touch and/or fallen behind the times. “Out of touch” and “Behind the times” can take many forms from the physical, visual, linguistic to the cultural, messaging and perception. Does your audience relate to your brand in a vital and vibrant way? When’s the last time you took a hard look in the mirror? Get invited to more parties with Reasons To Refresh.

Resonate. Update. Re-View.

One more happy result Amino Vital



Attract top talent, keep staff happy

A successful, thriving brand is just as authentic and appealing internally as it is externally. Great brands do not exist as facades of themselves; their essence and mojo flourish within the walls of HQ, the warehouses, the franchises, the Topeka office, the mailroom, the boardroom and all the backrooms. Treating your internal audience with the same reverence and respect as your customers creates positive morale, good energy and pride. You’ll attract great people and you’ll keep great people. Don’t ignore your most valuable resource when contemplating your Reasons To Refresh.

Energize. Rejoice. Entice.

A stellar example Mill City Credit Union



A welcoming, impressive space

Reason number 7 is both an element of Reason number 8 and a stand-alone consideration. Many brands do not have public-facing, retail-like interactions with their customers. Sometimes your offices, facilities and physical environments are the spaces you call home and where you host vendors, clients and resources. Make it special. Make a place people feel good within. Make it your story. Surround your visitors and yourselves with just the right amount of brand messaging and inspiration via Reasons To Refresh.

Welcome. Engage. Indulge.

This is how it works United Sports Brands



Keep killing it more

You’re top of the heap. You’re king of the hill. You’re head of the class. Let’s keep it that way… hey wait; let’s build on that. Refresh to protect your hard-earned higher ground, to capitalize on your successes and to retain/press your advantage. When it comes to killing it— complacency kills momentum, kills the buzz and kills the potential. When you own the competition, or do business in a competition-free market (lucky you) is the time to think beyond the victory of the moment to the campaign ahead with Reasons To Refresh.

Protect. Capitalize. Increase.

Now this is refreshing Shock Doctor

Want even more?

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