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Logo Refinement—Carbone’s Pizzeria

Logo Refinement—Carbone’s Pizzeria

“Let’s just clean this up a little” 🍕— Carbone’s Pizzeria has been a Twin Cities family dining and authentic pizza institution since 1954. With an established brand full of equity, a logo refinement with an updated brand system allows coexistence between the strong history and current business objectives. Carbone’s recognized the need to modernize their marketing and branding strategy — we jumped on board to develop a cohesive brand, and smart, efficient ways to boost business. With continuous brand upkeep, Carbone’s has successfully re-established itself as the industry continues to evolve.

Refine. Refresh. Redo.

 Primary Goal

Carbone’s primary goal is to bring their marketing and branding across its franchise (35+ locations) into the 21st century while respecting their history.

The Reason to Refine their Brand

Carbones needed a brand refresh to stay relevant and stand up against their competition without alienating their loyal clientele or their history. The brand had major inconsistencies between 35+ locations and there was a need for a strong brand foundation that would be recognizable and tell Carbone’s story.


With a large number of locations, consistency was key in order to build a strong foundation that could be followed by all Carbone’s owners

  • Strong and simple color palette to completely own.
  • A large number of assets to use.
  • It needs to be modern and welcoming.
  • Speak to the target audience on an emotional level.
  • Imperative to pay homage to the history and backstory of Carbone’s.

Results – A Brand is NOT your logo!

A brand is NOT your logo.  A brand is a promise that you are making to your clients.  A brand is your reputation and how people think of you.  Three components make up a brand:

1. Messaging – the words that allow you to quickly and honestly connect with your clients and audience.
2. Visuals – your logo, colors, graphics, images, and photography.
3. Brand Experience – the website, interior environment, graphics, your product packaging.

Messaging is Critical

At any point where your client comes in touch with you or your product, you have an opportunity to control that experience.  The messaging component is arguably the most critical.  If people don’t understand what you do and how you can help, then you’ve lost the opportunity. On your website, you need to be intentional and take charge.  You have an opportunity to control how people perceive you.  You want to create how you want to be perceived and not just let your audience create that for you. (More from Derek Sussner)

If you are perceived as irrelevant, stodgy, tired, boring, technical, and expensive – but you really want to be perceived as fun, whimsical, welcoming and approachable – you have the ability to control that with your messaging, visuals and brand experience. If you don’t create your own perception, the client will label you by how they perceive you.

Interested in a StoryBrand Session?

The first place to start is to have a conversation about your challenges or your opportunities so that we understand what may be most helpful to you. Then we’ll walk you through a handful of very brief case studies that take real-life examples of real clients and show you a glimpse of what each of the five steps was like for them and the successes they experienced.

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