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How to Capitalize on the Success You’ve Worked So Hard to Earn

How to Capitalize on the Success You’ve Worked So Hard to Earn

How to Capitalize on the Success You’ve Worked So Hard to Earn (When You’re Killing It, Keep Killing it More)

Reason to Refresh Your Brand Identity – Number 8

If you are anything like me, then I would bet you’re looking to protect the business you’ve built, capitalize on the successes you’ve achieved to date, and to continue to improve, grow and get better. Your problem is an unusual one. Your enterprise is successful, happy and healthy. The “register” is ringing, customers are singing high praises and the future appears rosy.

So how is that a problem? Of all the companies we’ve worked with, only a handful claim not to have competition. So if you are NOT in that select few, then there are companies that are chasing you and looking to take a piece of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Remember the game we played as kids – king of the hill? Now that you are King, you need to protect and defend your spot at the top.

So not only has your business beaten the survival percentages, you’ve made it to the head of the class. You’re crushing it. You should be proud of your achievement, and you deserve to celebrate. Now, let’s get back to work. We wrote the ebook 8 Reasons Refreshing Your Brand Identity Will Give You the Competitive Edge to share insights from our twenty years in business with marketing leaders. While Reason Number 8 is the rarest of the reasons, it is not the least important.

Mindset for Strategy and Success

As a fan of sports, I’ve watched so many leads evaporate and even turn into losses when the team with the lead starts playing a softer “prevent” style defense. They stop playing with the strategic, aggressive style that gave them the lead in the first place. In sports and in business, the defensive-only mindset is not the best strategy for success.

Protect. Capitalize. Increase.

Refreshing your brand identity can help protect your hard-earned higher ground, capitalize on your successes and also grow your advantage. When it comes to killing it— complacency kills momentum, kills the buzz and kills the potential. Instead of just protecting your lead, let’s build on it.

Continuously Up Your Game

We’ve been fortunate to work with several companies looking to capitalize on their successes. One notable example is Shock Doctor. Shock Doctor is the manufacturer of the #1 mouthguard in the world. Seriously – IN THE WORLD. But rather than resting on that impressive feat, they continuously up their game.

Having attained the number one spot and a reputation of 25+ years of product innovation, Shock Doctor tirelessly looks to what’s next, and to build on its already strong brand foundation. And while they continue to innovate their mouthguard products with style, color, flavor, fit and sizing, they also continue to focus on improving their connection to and engagement with their customers. If you’ve ever stood with your child in front of the wall of mouthguard choices at Dick’s Sports trying to figure out how to choose from the hundreds of options, then you can relate to the challenge. As their product line grows, Shock Doctor realizes they need to continue to do a better job guiding their customers and helping them find the right product for them.

SD has invested in a licensing agreement with the NBA, endorsement of several professional athletes as brand ambassadors, refining their brand voice, fine-tuned product packaging and campaigned to reduce the number of oral and dental injuries sustained by young athletes. Noting that retaining current customers is key, Shock Doctor also focused specifically on the customer’s product selection processes – on making the shopping experience both online and in retail stores friendlier and easier. Here’s a link to examples of some of Shock Doctor’s notable branding initiatives.

Shock Doctor realized that in a highly competitive space, they could not rest on their current brand recognition and instead, had the opportunity to continue to increase credibility among the athletes that trust their dental work with them.

Elevate Your Game

When you own the competition or do business in a competition-free market (lucky you), now is the time to think beyond the victory of the moment and to the campaign ahead. You’re on the top, now grab a ladder and elevate.

If you would like to get a cup of coffee and talk about how to direct, sharpen and push your brand to an even higher place, contact me at My team and I are dedicated to creating thoughtful, effective and impactful solutions that help your brand capitalize on the success you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Here’s to continuing to crush it!
Derek Sussner

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